Malevolence Engine, Nov 07, 2011

On the night of September 9, 2007 I dreamt of a machine to collect, focus, and manifest malevolence. It was a gorgeous machine. It spoke to me. In the dream it spoke in whispers and clicks. In the dream I saw the parts of the machine in detail and tried hard to remember them.

When I awoke I remembered the most of components for the 'collector.'

"A disc of flawless amber
1/64" carbon fiber rods and tubes
16 facet amethyst rod
A Quartz prism
Four 1/2" jet spheres
Silver wire
Iron wire
Samarium-cobalt octagon
Eight neodynium magnets
Gold foil
Cadmium sulphide
Brass screen and hardware
Isopropyl Alcohol (91%)
Carbon from burned bones
Cemetery dust
Pb210 tipped needle
Caitlinite dust mixed with olive oil

I assembled the device as best I could with the parts I could find. It was more sculpture than mechanism, and mostly inert. I decided that I would find a way to make it speak. After ceaseless tinkering I discarded the more fanciful components and concentrated on those that might respond to electromagnetic fields. Again, the project seemed more sculpture than science. However, upon powering the collector and connecting it to an audio recorder I found that it actually did something.

This is the recording from November 7, 2011.

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