Westview Cemetery
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On April 29, 2012 I found myself at the Westview Cemetery in Farmville, Virginia. The cemetery is a small one, flanked on either side by shopping centers, but well shaded under a dense canopy of old and mossy trees. The day was raining, foggy, and cold, and it shows in the pictures. One grave is given prominence, that of Beverly Randolph- the Eighth Governor of Virginia. Randolph served as Governor of Virginia from 1788 through 1791. He died on February 7, 1797 which makes this grave one of the oldest I've visited. The other grave which was notable to me was due to it being utterly anonymous- that of an old black servant to Howell Edmunds Warren and his family. Their servant is buried behind the family, under the inscription "Our Faithful Ole Mammy d. 8-20-1902."

According to rumor, special permission was obtained from the town to bury a black woman in the cemetery. If only they'd seen fit to actually tell the world her name.



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